Re: teamviewer

Michael WA7SKG

In my previous job, the IT department determined Teamviwer was a huge security risk. Apparently, it held some kind of access hole into the local network. They prohibited its use completely on any corporate system. This was in a large nation-wide enterprise with really good IT people.

Just sayin'

Michael WA7SKG

jim crisco via Groups.Io wrote on 9/26/19 4:01 AM:

hi scott and
many of us use teamviewer to link into a friends pc to help with ham software.  a few days ago i started getting a msg that "one of the users may be a commercial user".  with one ham i was limited to 5 mins at a session..
i called TV and they sent me this link.  it looks like all "free" accounts are being monitored now.  i have sent my response to TV to have my acct reset to truly "free"

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