ACLog not reading FT-857D CW mode correctly

Wayne Patton

Came across a weird one today. I am thinking a bug. While scanning some CW frequencies on 20 and 40 meters, I noticed ACLog would indicate SSB for the mode while the radio was in CW mode. It was reading the freq correct though. I reloaded the rig interface settings that I had saved, checked them against those listed on the N3FJP web page and they seem correct. I can change the mode on the radio and every mode other than CW displays correctly. When I get the radio back to CW mode, ACLog displays SSB again. I thought maybe my radio is messed up and thought about factory resetting it  . . . . Before doing that, I downloaded Winlog32 and set it up it's rig interface. It reads the freq and mode correctly, including CW mode on the radio. So that leaves ACLog as the possible culprit. I can change the mode setting to be according to freq on N#FJP and that works. But it's easier to have the software read the mode.  I recently upgraded to ver 6.5. I know it used to work correctly with earlier versions . . . But I can't say for sure that is when the behavior started exactly. 

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