ACLog JTDX JTAlert w/ K3




I have ACLog, running with JTDX, running with JTAlert, connected to a K3.  The K3 has the upgraded interface/internal soundcard, KIO3B/ KXV3B.


The KIO3B uses a single USB cable to connect the computer (through a virtual COM port, in in my case COM6) to the K3 for Rig Interface and Soundcard functions.  CW keying is done through a WKMini assigned to virtual COM7.


This all works great together, except if I have JTDX running too.  The rig interface functions conflicts with the two programs, JTDX and ACLog, running at the same time.  I get a COM6 conflict error message in ACLog, which I click OK and it allows me to use JTDX and JTAlert with no issues.  However, if I want to switch to CW, I have to close JTDX, JTAlert, ACLog and only restart ACLog, then I have to go into the WinKey set-up and open the WinKey, COM7.


This is cumbersome to say the least.  Is there a way to resolve these conflict issues with the Rig Interface functions and keep all the programs running at the same time?


73 de Bruce, N7TY

Yuma, AZ

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