WAE DX QTC questions

Charlie Anderson <charlie12-21@...>

Ok guys I’m going to make an effort for the first time this weekend in the WAE DX contest. I have the contest program all set and understand the whole QTC exchange protocol, etc.
My question(s) here is, as I really can’t play around with the program without a bunch of logs, when you want to send a QTC exchange, the cute little window pops up and you punch in the stuff..... So, as I see (and it’s not contest time) I’m assuming the rec QTC icon will show solid and I can record incoming traffic once the logging is in progress???
Since the N3FJP software is THE BEST, I am again assuming the relayed and recorded QTCs will also show dupes and keep a standing record, like a normal logged QSO?
Sorry if this is a bit aloof, just wanna get a feel for how things work before the show. Thanks for any and all info.
Charlie NG0C

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