All N3FJP Software - Does not detect Kenwood TS-590SG Data Mode


I noticed this issue this weekend with the HPM Contest.  Had the rig interface on, and had "Mode Determined By" Rig selected,
The software would stay selected as "Phone" when I turned "Data" on in my rig.  This was the same using either the Kenwood or the
Kenwood2 rig selections.  This was a problem because I was manually logging RTTY QSOs and I could not force the software into Digital.  Instead, I had to turn off the rig interface by selecting "none".

and you must be reading the mode using the MD command.   What you need to also read is the DA command to see if the Data Mode
is turned on in addition to the USB or LSB.

that will fix it!

Thanks & 73,

Tim N6GP/150

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