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Mike Olbrisch

This is interesting indeed.  I have not operated from VE, XE, KL7 or KH6.  But I have operated from DL, HB9, HB0, OE and OK.  CEPT requires that the country of operation prefix your own call, so I have thousands of QSOs logged as DL/KD5KC for example.


In the several trips over, and the ensuing LoTW uploads and downloads, not once has this failed.  The only point I can make from my observance is that a greater number of North American stations participate in LoTW than do European stations.


The only thing I can tell you about AC-Log is that your OWN CALL block on the LoTW page of AC-Log must match the call you are trying to download.


For example, if I want to download or check conformations using AC-Log, having KD5KC will only bring down my USA QSOs and confirmations.  If I want the German confirmations, that block must be DL/KD5KC.  And if I want the Liechtenstein conformations, it needs to be HB0/KD5KC.


If you are keeping separate logs (as I do), be certain you have the right log opened before you start playing.  Otherwise it gets messy.


Hope this helps.


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Your symptoms sound like a gotcha that bites me whenever I rove outside of the 48 states.  You won’t see confirmations in ACLog, even though they are confirmed in LoTW, unless you put your call *with suffix* in the box labeled Own Call (optional) as shown in the attached picture.


I may not understand how this is supposed to work, but if you uploaded and signed the file with suffix like /KL7 or /150, the Own Call is *not* optional.  My call is N9IP, but when I rove from Alaska or Canada, my certifications from LoTW are for N9IP/VY1, N9IP/VE6, N9IP/VE7, or N9IP/KL7.  The screen shot shows N9IP/KL7.


Good luck!


73, Steve N9IP


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That may be, but I suspect it's a problem with TQSL.  I tried again to upload the contacts using the "/150" station location I got from ARRL and nothing happened.  So just on a whim, I uploaded them again using the plain (not "/150") station location and they were accepted again, and this time all came back as being updated.  Perhaps I set it up TQSL wrong.

This is one of those issues that's not worth messing with.  CW activity on HPM is quite low, band conditions still suck, there is a NA Sprint this weekend and I've worked nearly every station signing "/150" I can hear.  Thanks for getting back, though.

72's de KØGUZ

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