Re: LOTW, ACL and Hiram Percy Maxim

Scott Davis

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your e-mail.  The sent call sign isn't relevant for LoTW matches in AC Log on download.  For your records to be marked as Sent in LoTW, the following criteria must be met:

1. Your records must be successfully uploaded to LoTW.
2. Your records must be successfully downloaded from LoTW
3. The callsign must match the call of the station worked.
4. The band must match the band of the station worked.
5. The date and time in AC Log must match the date and time on the LoTW record.

There are no other matching criteria.

If you are logging stations as /150 and the other station is not uploading with that cert (or vice versa), that would explain why you are not getting matches.

I was planning to put in a good effort for HPM, but a variety of unanticipated events this last week here have kept me from making a single QSO so far.  Perhaps others will chime in with there experiences.

73, Scott

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I have never had any issues uploading my logs to LOTW from Amateur Contact Log, or downloading the processed QSOs from LOTW into ACL.  However, in order to participate in the HPM contest, I obtained a certificate from LOTW for K0GUZ/150, and registered it with TQSL.  Fine.  I uploaded my QSOs and no error was noted from LOTW. When I go to the LOTW web page, my QSOs show up, and several have been confirmed. 

However, when I try to download "all since" into ACL, the QSOs show up in the bottom half of the screen, but they're black instead of blue, and none of them are matched with my log, so the "L" doesn't appear in the "S Conf by" column so they appear to be unconfirmed, and the additional information from LOTW (county, grid, etc.) isn't merged into the ACL database.   I tried this using both certificates in the LOTW station location drop down box.  It appears from the web interface that the "/150" designator is not included in the QSO record.

What am I doing wrong?

Steve, KØGUZ/150

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