LOTW, ACL and Hiram Percy Maxim

Steve Carter

I have never had any issues uploading my logs to LOTW from Amateur Contact Log, or downloading the processed QSOs from LOTW into ACL.  However, in order to participate in the HPM contest, I obtained a certificate from LOTW for K0GUZ/150, and registered it with TQSL.  Fine.  I uploaded my QSOs and no error was noted from LOTW. When I go to the LOTW web page, my QSOs show up, and several have been confirmed. 

However, when I try to download "all since" into ACL, the QSOs show up in the bottom half of the screen, but they're black instead of blue, and none of them are matched with my log, so the "L" doesn't appear in the "S Conf by" column so they appear to be unconfirmed, and the additional information from LOTW (county, grid, etc.) isn't merged into the ACL database.   I tried this using both certificates in the LOTW station location drop down box.  It appears from the web interface that the "/150" designator is not included in the QSO record.

What am I doing wrong?

Steve, KØGUZ/150

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