Winkeyer w/RemoteRig RRC Query

Dennis - WU6X

Was using N3FJP and the WinKeyer connected directly to the radio, paddle to the WinKeyer and USB cable connected to the WinKeyer. New setup here uses a RemoteRig control box (RRC) instead of a radio in the shack ... controlling a remote base station.

Configuration looks like this:

* Computer to WinKeyer USBĀ  --> Paddle connected to WinKeyer --> WinKeyer connected to RemoteRig RRC paddle input

All settings I've tried on all three configurable software (N3FJP, RemoteRig or WinKeyer) produces a "squeeze key" type response from the RRC; continuous dit-dah, dit-dah, etc.

Anyone using this configuration? PS: The paddle connected directly to the RRC works perfectly!

Dennis, WU6X

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