AC Log 2.5

Thomas Giella KN4LF <kn4lf@...>

I downloaded AC Log 2.5 last night and successfully moved 2000+ 160 meter
contacts and settings over from 2.4. My CQ zones worked were calculated by
clicking on "Fill Fields Determined By Call" but it took a long time.

One thing I noticed though. I like to arrange different items to the left
side of the view log so that I can see them without moving the horizontal
bar over to the right. Things like "Prefix", "CQ Zone", etc. I went to the
"Edit Fields Displayed Position And Tab Order", checked the enable box,
moved the selected fields to the left, unchecked the box and all was moved
as I wanted. But when I got back into the program later in the evening, all
of the fields that I had moved to the left were moved back to the right.
What am I overlooking?

Thomas F. Giella, KN4LF
Plant City, FL, USA

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