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Pat Whelton

Hi Dale.  Thanks for your input but you kind’a lost me.  When the band map thingie pops up when I call up ACLog I always close it.  I didn’t realize there were settings for it.  Out of curiosity where can I find the settings you're talking about (i.e.: excluding the digital frequencies)?  The next time I call up ACLog I’ll leave the band map up to see if it helps any.
I’ll tell you what would probably help immensely and that’s suggesting that folks stop spotting local contacts (i.e.: USA to USA).
Yes, like you, I’m looking forward to Scott’s future changes as well.
Thanks again.
Pat - KZ5J

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A work around that I use when operating cw is to set the band map to exclude the digital frequencies.  Such as on 20 meters, I might set it to only show 14.000 to 14.065.  Some of the slower cw ops will sometimes be on the higher frequencies, but rarely will the DX stations show up.  I have found that in a DX contest the DX however will go above the digital frequencies which is a minor irritation.  It helps, but looking forward to what Scott comes up with.

Dale K8TS


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Hi Scott.  Thanks.  That will be a great addition and I look forward to it.




Pat - KZ5J


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Hi Pat,


Thanks for your e-mail.  That additional filtering from within my software is in the future plans.




73, Scott



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I would like to modify my DX spotting window so that “NO” spots will be displayed for activity spotted on 14.080.  I’ve looked at the Filter Settings and can’t see a way to accomplish this.  Anyone have any ideas?  I’m really trying to block all ‘FT*’ but it looks like FT* shows up as CW in the mode field and I really don’t want to block CW.


If I could just somehow block the frequency 14.080 that would help a BUNCH.


Anyone figured out a work-around?




Pat - KZ5J


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