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Terence Taylor

Seems to work!, Thanks!

--- wrote:

Hi Terry,

Thanks for your e-mail. I think that I have found
the problem. I'd really appreciate it if you would
try the following and let me know how it works out:

- Make sure that you are using AC Log 2.8. If you
aren't, first install 2.8.

- Close AC Log 2.8.

- Click this link to download the new .exe file:

- Save the file in c:\program files\aclog 2.8.

- Start AC Log 2.8 and see how the rig interface

Thanks for your patience. Please let me know how
you make out.

73, Scott

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What is the status of this? It worked in AC Log 2.5
and Sweepstakes
3.8, but has been broken since. I am not a
programmer (nor do I play
one on television!), but it seems to me that it
SHOULD be relatively
easy to look at what changed and undo it....

That is a REALLY nice feature and is one of the
PRIMARY reasons that
I started using your programs and it seems a shame
to lose that

Terry Taylor

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SNKDavis@a... wrote:

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your e-mail. I'll keep the change
frequency feature
for the
Pegasus in mind for the future. With everything
on our plate at
the moment it is
not something we can look at in the near term.

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As always, thanks for your interest, kind thoughts,
support and spreading the
word about our software!

73, Scott & Kimberly

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since 1997.

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