Re: Nov SS Logging problems...

Gregg Martell

At 12:08 PM 11/21/2005, Dave Reed wrote:
Hello Scott and the group!

Secondly, and of more concern to me, was the fact that after about 5 or
6 hours of logging, the program quit showing my 'dupes'. In the early
hours, I would be presented with the 'Dupe' flag and fireworks as I
completed typing a callsign. Eventually, I was able to type a callsign
in the appropriate spot and call that station only to be told we had
worked before. I felt a little stupid after spending sometime telling
these double contacts that I am using a computer logging program and
that I did NOT have them in the log. I quickly found out that if I hit
the space bar after typing the call sign, it would, indeed, announce the
'dupe'--something the pop-up help bar says you don't have to do. I did
end up getting one call sign in my log twice. It was easily

I didn't realize this was a problem - the program shows possible calls and then would show the dupe after hitting the spacebar. I assumed this was the way it was supposed to work. I use VHF log and haven't entered a VHF contest for a year, so I don't remember what that one does.

I did have some dupes though - late Sunday, I started mixing K and Qs and a couple of other letters,due to sleep depravation. Of course the program wouldn't catch these as dupes - just the return of "you're a dupe". It took a bit of head scratching before I figured out why they said I was a dupe when the program wasn't telling me!!! The worst part was that I kept doing it!!

This was the first time I ran one of Scott's programs with a "tracking map" and it wouldn't display properly on one of my computers as I was testing the program before the contest. The map only partially filled the pop-up window with a colored background. As I entered test QSOs, not all of the sections changed color to indicate they had been worked. It worked perfectly on another computer which is another excuse I can give my wife for having 8 computers at home. I'm assuming it's a video card issue.

This was my first sweepstakes and I had fun. Scott's program sure beat the sox's off of using CT as a contest logger.


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