Re: Sending voice memory with Icom IC-7600

Michael WA7SKG

A little more information, please. Are you trying to send from a voice memory within the IC-7600 using ACLog? Your screenshot appears to be from the computer/ACLog. Are you using a macro to send CAT commands to the radio? The error looks like something ACLog is trying to do, that is, send an audio file from the computer to the radio.

If you could be a little more specific as to the exact steps you are taking, buttons clicked on, macro settings, etc. we might be able to provide more help.

Michael Wa7SKG

Dave Edwards wrote on 6/29/19 4:00 PM:

I have my IC-7600 working fine with AC log.
Trying to send a CQ message from the rigs recorded memory.
I think I have everything set up correct, but I'm getting the error that it can't find
the memory location (below). Is it possible it is only looking at the memory in the thumb drive...and I need
to move it from the rig to the thumb drive?
I'm at a loss what else to check!!
Thanks in advance!!

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