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David Greer <davidgreer73@...>

Got my problem fixed by going into firewall and opening up port 23. Thanks.
73, N4KZ

Matt Patterson wrote:
Scratch what I said about blocking port 25....   PORT 23 is the one you want to unblock...
Sorry about that...
73 Matt

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Sounds like PC-cillin is more than just anti-virus software.  Sounds like it has a built in firewall as well.  I'm not familiar with PC-cillin myself but look in the documentation where it references something about a firewall or port blocking.  What you're looking for is to be able to tell the software to not block traffic on port 25.
Good luck
 73 Matt

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After changing to a new anti-virus software (PC-cillin), I find that now I cannot access the DX spots via Telnet. I had been using Norton's anti-virus program and the Telnet and DX spots functioned perfectly. My Internet access is fine -- after uninstalling Norton's and the old Sygate firewall.
Now, as long as Telnet is activated, there seems to be a conflict because ACLog 2.8 will take 30 seconds or so to come up on the screen. When I try to open a port, I get this error message, "Connection is forcefully rejected." I am using port 23 for Telnet to
When I click "Done," it takes 30 seconds or so to return to the normal log screen -- and only part of the log is displayed during that time. So it sure seems like a conflict has arisen.
Thoughts on a solution?
73, N4KZ

David Greer

David Greer

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