N3FJP, JT ALert and WSJTX Question

Larry Krist

Our Group, KE8RV used N3LFJP Logging Field Day logging software and the
JTAlert and WSJTX software for Field Day. All logged fine but we had one
question that our group asked me to ask this group about. When logging
manually, Automatically from FLDIGI, and when clicking on a station
previousally worked, the N3FJP Field Day Software logger would
immediatly state that the station was a Dupe, however, when using FT8
the Dupe warning would not be issued until the contact was aske to be
logged. when first clicked on, the field in the Logger would populate
but no warning was issued. This was even if the Logger was in Digital
mode. Did anyone else have this problem and if so how did you solve it.


Larry  N8CWU

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