Re: stations appear on wifi but not when wired to node

Hector Figueroa

If they are on different sinners, they may have difficulty seeing each other. 

Hector Figueroa 

On Jun 22, 2019, at 8:48 PM, Lee Lukehart - K7AVR <luke@...> wrote:

Some config facts:
 - all stations are using TCP (not File Share method) with Status/Chat enabled
 - when wired to a node, stations can run HamChat that is running on the N3FJP server's node
 - when wired to a node, stations can access internet via server nodes's gateway
 - a wifi mesh access point is wired to the server's node
 The puzzling part: 
 - stations that connect via wifi to that access point ARE visible to N3FJP
 - to restate the problem: stations that are hardwired to nodes ARE NOT visible to N3JFP
 Tested with no firewalls turned off; no difference.
I know folks are busy with Field Day, but it would be great to find a solution while we're all together. Thanks!

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