stations appear on wifi but not when wired to node

Lee Lukehart - K7AVR

Some config facts:
 - all stations are using TCP (not File Share method) with Status/Chat enabled
 - when wired to a node, stations can run HamChat that is running on the N3FJP server's node
 - when wired to a node, stations can access internet via server nodes's gateway
 - a wifi mesh access point is wired to the server's node
 The puzzling part: 
 - stations that connect via wifi to that access point ARE visible to N3FJP
 - to restate the problem: stations that are hardwired to nodes ARE NOT visible to N3JFP
 Tested with no firewalls turned off; no difference.
I know folks are busy with Field Day, but it would be great to find a solution while we're all together. Thanks!

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