Re: JT alert and N3FJP Logging question

Larry Krist

Changing the ip address in JTALERT to seems to have solved the

Larry  N8CWU

On 6/22/2019 11:06 PM, Larry Krist wrote:
We are running the N3FJP Field Day logger 6.0 networked using TCP, with
5 stations. Some are running WSJT-X- FT8. The Database is on one of the
computers called FDSERVER. All the other computers are using the
database located on the computer named FDSERVER and for the most part,
the logging is working fine. The issue is that in the N3FJP Field day
software, each computer has an operator assigned which are all different.
 When the JT Alert posts the contact to the one named FDSERVER,the
operator and computer are logged as that computer name FDSERVER and the
operator logged into the FDSERVER computer at that time in the N3FJP Software. This does not happen when the call and report are entered manually on the other networked computers.
Is this normal, a bug in one or both the program, or operator error. Just wondering.


Madison County Amateur Radio Club, London Ohio

Larry  - N8CWU

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