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Scott Davis

Hi All,

Two other corrections have been made and uploaded as of 6:30 PM 11/12/03 EST. If QSL Received had been checked as a result of a card but was not confirmed by LoTW the check was removed on download. That has been corrected. I have also widened the matching time window to 30 minutes.

If you already have 2.5 installed the latest .exe file can be downloaded by clicking on this link:


Just replace the existing file in c:\program files\aclog 2.5 with the file that you download above.

I have also uploaded a new installation package with the same corrections. If you haven't installed the beta version of ACLog 2.5, you can download the installation files from:


The installation package only needs to be downloaded if you haven't already installed version 2.5. If you have installed version 2.5, just download the .exe file from the first link.

The only other possible issue is the one digit zones, but no one has responded that they are having problems since the initial e-mail. I can't duplicate the problem here. Unless anything else comes to light I think 2.5 is getting close to completion!

Again, thanks so much and please keep your observations coming. This is VERY helpful!

73, Scott

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