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Michael WA7SKG

As this is a private/closed network with no Internet access, all firewalls and virus protection is turned off or disabled. The database functions are working fine, only the Band Status and Chat are not working.

I have reviewed all the referenced docs and find nothing related to the issue. I'm hoping it is just something with the particular laptop I borrowed for testing and that the others at the FD site will function properly. I guess we'll find out Friday at setup.

As we are kind of loose with our schedules and availability, it will be important to know what band and mode the other stations are using so we don't end up with two stations on the same band/mode at the same time.

Michael WA7SKG

Scott Davis via Groups.Io wrote on 6/19/19 10:52 AM:

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your e-mail.  The most likely cause is that your Windows / Internet protection software is clamping down on the connection attempt.  Giving the client the proper permissions to be able to connect in your protection software will likely do the trick.
Lots more details are here:
73, Scott
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Getting ready for FD, I finally got another computer to test networking with. I followed the various directions and both computers are using the database and contacts are showing up on the other computer appropriately. Dupe checking is working. The only thing that isn't working right now is the Band Status and Chat Function. On the primary computer hosting the database, it shows up in the Band Status Grid properly. The other computer does not show up in either grid. On the other computer, nothing shows at all in the grid. I have checked Enable Status/Chat Functions on both machines. The status on the primary computer says "Connected to computer". On the other machine, the status says "Attempting to connect to computer". I am using File Share, not TCP.
Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?
tnx es 73,
Michael WA7SKG

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