Re: Log in to a net, not a controller

Joseph Miller


This is not an easy question to answer as each net has it's own rules. This won't cover every circumstance, but I will start with a few.

Local nets on 2 meters using a repeater: I don't log them as these contacts can not be used for ARRL awards. If you decide to log them, probably best to log the net control's call sign as that who the qso is with.

On HF, there are worked all states nets, and there I would log only the stations you called during the net. Since these nets generally involve QSL cards, you definitely want to record these.

Lastly, if it is a HF net just taking check-ins, then the net control's call sign should be recorded with the name of the net in the comments section.

I am sure there are other situations, but hopefully this will give some help.

73 and good luck, Joe KJ8O

On Tue, Jun 18, 2019, 11:38 AM Ruarto <rhgalyan@...> wrote:
So this is a proceedure question I guess.
How should I log it when I check in to a net.    Use the moderator's call sign?    Or abbrev the name of the net or ....   ???

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