Re: Running out of time. Hoping for a solution before Field Day 2019

Mike Olbrisch

One caution.  If you insert the RT-Systems cable in a different USB port, it will show up with a different number.  I'm assuming you installed the driver, plugged in the cable to your USB port, and left the cable in that port.

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On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 9:34 AM -0600, "Bill DeVore" <maxrcul@...> wrote:

Based on recommendations I read on this forum, I purchased an RT Systems USB-63 control cable to use with N3FJP's Field Day Contest Log 6.0 and my Yaesu FT-450D. I installed the proper driver and the device manager shows the USB-63 Radio Cable is at (COM5) I ran the RT Systems programming software and it successfully connects with the 450D so I'm fairly sure everything is installed correctly.

COM4 is assigned to Intel(R) Active Management Technology - SOL whatever that means so I chose the only remaining port COM 3

I've tried every conceivable combination of parameters without success. If anyone is using at FT-450D and the N3FJP Field Day software with RT Systems USB-63, I'd sure like to hear about it! I hope I didn't waste a bunch of money for nothing

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