Re: ACLog 2.5 -- Beware of "Download All Data"

Scott Davis

Hi Jim,

Did you download the fix that I posted this morning in response to your earlier e-mail?  I believe the deselection of QSL Received for QSO's confirmed by cards when downloading all from LoTW has been corrected.

Below is the excerpt from my previous response:

Bug #5: Jim, KB9DNA Reports: "The standard QSL R does not seem to stick through LOTW "All Data" downloads that haven't been confirmed. For example, I have a QSL card and check QSL R as well as put a 'C' in the R Conf By column. When I do an "All Data" download, the 'C' stays there but the QSL R is removed."

Bug #5: Status: Jim, GREAT catch, thank you. I have corrected that problem (and incorporated your other two suggestions). If you already have 2.5 installed The latest .exe file can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

Just replace the existing file in c:\program files\aclog 2.5 with the file that
you download above.

As of 10:15 AM Eastern 11/11/03 I have also uploaded a new installation package
with the same corrections. If you haven't installed the beta version of ACLog
2.5, you can download the installation files from:

The installation package only needs to be downloaded if you haven't already
installed version 2.5. If you have installed version 2.5, just download the
.exe file from the first link.

73, Scott

In a message dated 11/11/03 7:43:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, kb9dna@... writes:

I mentioned this bug in passing before thinking it was just a minor
annoyance, but I've since realized that Download All Data has cleared
all of the QSL "R" columns for the hundreds of contacts that do not
have a LOTW match.  I was scratching my head why I couldn't get my
awards to show any more than 12 states and 4 countries... well that's
why!  I'd like a little more explanation on the relationship between
the four QSL columns.  Furthermore, it may be useful optionally place
a "C" in all of the records that have QSL "R" when importing to AC Log


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