Re: Trying to up load AClog to QRZ log book!!?? Help!!

KF5WGB <ralfvoepel@...>

Hi Brian,
Just create the ADIF file out of ACLog and import it into QRZ. For future QSO's you can download my little A2Q+ program.
It runs in the background, waiting for a logging event. It then requests the last entry into the logbook and uploads it to QRZ and or HRDLog.
You need your QRZ API key to work with A2Q+. log into your QRZ logbook and click on Settings. The next window shows you the API key.
Look for: Book #### API key for W8KQ

If you do not have an HRDLog account, leave the field empty in the setup entry dialog.

A2Q+ - ACLog to QRZ upload program:
73 de KF5WGB

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