Re: Amateur Contact Log 6.5 is Now Available!

Brad Morris


I've installed ACL 6.5 and I'm having an issue with resizing of the UI. I can't say this is unique to 6.5 as I didn't try resizing with 6.4. When I shorten the height of the window, everything begins to scrunch up and overlap.  Am I not supposed to change the height of the UI window?  I'd think the bottom data entry area would stay fixed, but the top would just collapse and a scroll bar would appear, but that doesn't happen.  Also, maximizing the display doesn't cause the content of the UI to maximize, just the window size maximizes.

FWIW, I don't have any entries in my log at the moment.  I'll be using it Saturday for the Armed Forces Day Crossband Test.

Windows 10 x64 Pro
Latest display drivers

Any help would be appreciated.


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