Re: QRZ lookup failures

Stan Finley

Have same error.

Stan, K5EW

On 4/6/2019 05:19, Dave wrote:

I get a password error and Unable to connect to remote server;  when I lookup a call in ACLog on 3 of my computers. When I go to ACLog, Callbook, QRZ Internet lookup, Please click here to learn more; it takes me to QRZ..I click on test XML Account Test Page; I then get a Windows can't connect error to that page
I can login to, lookup callsigns, go to forums, everything is fine. I am not having any Windows issues at all. When I go to I can lookup calls fine. But I can't bring up the Help Desk to log a ticket, same Windows connection error on all 3 of my computers.
Anyone having a QRZ issue?
Yesterday morning I did notice that the QRZ forum access was down for several hours, but that is now working.


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