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Hi Dave,
I guess I am not understanding what you are suggesting.  I have gone to the point of uninstalling all n3fjp products, clearing the recycling and reinstalling with know change.
The d drive is my storage drive and it appears that all programs installed on the c drive default.

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Have you modified your Windows user profile? 
I used the Microsoft documented procedure to move my user data to my D drive instead of the C drive and found that I was having issues with the N3FJP data files and file locations.  I had to recreate the original folder (c:\Users\<username>\My Documents\Affirmatech\N3FJP Software\) and move the files back to those folders before I could get the program to work properly. 


On 4/2/2019 8:20 AM, DAN REID wrote:
Hi Michael,
Thanks for responding.  I have tried shutting down anti-virus and defender programs.  I am not having success at all.  I have tested aclog as well as cqwpx with the same happenings.
I will probably need someone to remote in and see what is going on.  Am frustrated and need to fix the problem before contesting any further.
Thanks again,
Dan kb6unc
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Look on your computer and turn off every malware and virus software,
then try logging. If the problem remains after turning off all virus
programs, then reboot your computer and see if the reboot helps.
Sometimes programs act weird and need a clean reboot.

Michael K5MFP

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