Re: ACL2.5 DX question

Scott Davis

Hi Ed,

No, if you want to add comments you will have to go to the DX spotting screen and post from there. I decided against it so that we wouldn't have to click through a "post comments" box every time we enter a contact.

73, Scott

In a message dated 11/11/2003 3:13:54 PM Eastern Standard Time, "Edward Leicester" <> writes:

Scott, just thought about somethng. In the automatic DX spot feature, was
there a field included that would allow us to send comments along with the
spot. Something like "5X9 into FM16".I was hoping that would be inluded.
just curious

Edward Leicester
Reg. 1 Director
North Carolina Baptist Men
EC-Perq. County, Area 1
Hertford NC
KG4QMI/FM16/6m# 2097

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