Contest question

Larry Krist

When operating in the ARRL CW DX contest this weekend, using the
latest FLDIGI and N3FJP contest software, I was unable to get the single
click function to work for power. There is a text capture order on the
FLDIGI contest configuration tab which you can change, but as soon as
N3FJP connects to FLDIGI it would revert back to CALL COUNTRY, POWER,
RSTr, RSTs. Even if you changed it, eventually it would revert back.
Thus I was unable to get the setting to do the one click for the power
received from the DX station. What would happen is when you click on a K
it would change the country to Shri Lanka.If it was a two character
response, it would not do anything,  If the dx station would send a
three character power it would put it in the power box. Did anyone
figure this out or is it a bug that needs to be fixed?


Larry  N8CWU

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