Re: Winkeyer button use with FD software

Pat Whelton

Good luck.

Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2019 4:06 PM
Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Winkeyer button use with FD software
Hi Scott:

I'm setting up several FD stations and all will have WinKeyers. I've set up the macros to use the keyboard function keys for CW operations, but we have those that prefer to use the topside buttons on the WK itself. The problem is that if someone uses the function keys and then someone else wants to use the WK buttons, you can't - the buttons don't work. The only way to work around this, as far as I know, is to restart N3FJP FD logger and don't touch the function keys. Then the WK buttons will work as programmed.

Is there another way to do this without restarting the logger ?

73, Jamie

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