Re: ACLog 2.5 Beta Availsble/SCARED

Scott Davis

Hi Radhames,

Please consider version 2.5 a beta until the bugs are worked out. So far, it looks like most of them are getting nailed down pretty well. I'll let you know when it looks like 2.5 is really "finished".

You can keep the program from automatically entering a "time off" value by clicking the button above the field so that it reads "Manual".

73, Scott

Serving the Amateur Radio Community with contesting and general logging software since 1997.

In a message dated 11/11/2003 10:56:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, "radhames bonilla" <> writes:


I'm a little scared to go version 2.5 with too much buggs repport.

I think problem can to affect my data.

I downloaed ver. 2.5 yesterday.

It come with 46 "qsos" saved without dasta and set up ask to me if

I wanted to keep folowing files (really I don't know why):





Anyway I had keep them.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not: I can't find way for turn date and time fields for enter old qsos manually. (Also 2.5 don't repeat date from previous qsos saved like others fields, ex. frequency, band, repports)

This is important for me, since I have all my qsos from 1978 in the traditional hand logbook.

What do You suggestion to me: wait You fix buggs? or what?

Otherwise, have You add new waves files to version 2.5?

I guess You are very busy receiving too much repports.

Take your time for answer to me.


73, Radhamés, hi3ab

   gt;From: gt;Reply-To: gt;To: gt;Subject: [N3FJP_Software_Users] ACLog 2.5 Beta Available amp; Testers Needed! gt;Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 13:58:02 -0500 gt; gt;Hi All, gt; gt;A beta version of Amateur Contact Log 2.5 is now available! You won't find it on my website, but you can download it directly by clicking this link: gt; gt; gt; gt;Please download the program, give it a try and let me know how it works out. The additional features that I really want you to try include: gt; gt;Internet Features: gt; gt;- Upload and download data directly from the ARRL's Logbook of the World. (You must have version 1.10 of the ARRL's Tqsl software installed and the necessary passwords to use this feature) gt; gt;- eQSL upload gt; gt;- HamCall Internet Lookup (A subscription to Buckmaster's website is required) gt; gt;Database Features: gt; gt;- Update records that have already been logged based on the callsign and callbook lookup gt; gt;- CQ Zones amp; ITU Zones auto fill where entries are discrete gt; gt;- Multiselect records for marking Sent / Received gt; gt;- Tracking of "Confirmed By" fields for QSO confirmation gt; gt;- Award screen 4 digit grid worked box in addition to 6 digit worked box gt; gt;DX Spotting: gt; gt;- Automatic post of DX spots on entry gt; gt;- Audio alert of DX posts and needed DX (Featuring the lovely KA3SEQ of course) gt; gt;While in "Beta" status, please don't uninstall version 2.4. Also, please run through the features that were available in the previous versions just to make sure that everything is okay. gt; gt;I'm really looking forward to your observations, comments and suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help! gt; gt;73, Scott gt;N3FJP gt; gt; gt; gt; gt;73, Scott gt;N3FJP gt; gt; gt;Serving the Amateur Radio Community with contesting and general logging software since 1997. gt;
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