Re: Help With Funky Looking "Ô"

Pat Whelton

In-other-words the circumcision you talk of is chopping off my ability to work CW DX spotted stations.

From: David King
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2019 4:21 PM
Subject: Re: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Help With Funky Looking "Ô"

Pat...the eyebrow is called a "circumflex" and can appear over a number of characters.  I believe what you're experiencing is there is no character in your machine's font library for whatever should be appearing there...often in the past I've found it to be a command or other code that the program being used didn't translate properly, and it defaults to that.

Maybe some programming guru's can correct me or explain it better...

David - WY7DK

On 1/7/2019 2:40 PM, Pat Whelton wrote:
What is this symbol .... Ô ......?  I keep getting this funky looking “O” with a little “eyebrow” on top of it when I click on a CW DX spot?  If I use the pull down in the mode box to change the Ô to CW it will change for a split second and then revert back to the funky looking Ô.   The only way I can change it is to go into EDIT and manually change it.  Really weird. 
Any help will be appreciated.
Pat - KZ5J

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