Programming function keys

John Mathey

Hi all,
I am new to this posting so I hope I don't screw it up too much.

I have set up the function keys to send the contents in ACL w/o any difficulties and all seems to work well with my K3.

Now I would like to set up the the function keys on thmputer to send the contents of the memories on the rig.  I started with the CWops CWT software.  I can not get this to work.  Actually the F2 function key does work, but there is no response when activating the keys F1, F3, and F4.  I can not see anything obviously different between the command calls in the ACL software or the CWT software.  Can not even see any differences between the F2 and the other function keys in the CWT software.

Yes, I do have messages saved in the memories.  I can activate them using the memory keys on the rig.

The format of the commands are "RI:  SWT21;" to send message in Memory 1 of the rig.

Any suggestions/comments will be appreciated.

Thanks all.

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