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Under setup, what port have you selected? You might try changing ports as a suggestion.
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I am running ACLOG 6.4.


I just tried setting F1 to TEST N8ME and Loop to 2 seconds. I have the same results as I described below.


One thing I noticed is that in the pop up CW window in ACLOG, I do see the program sending the characters that I hear, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the Winkeyer or RF getting into the USB (in fact, for my most recent test, the Winkeyer wasn’t even connected to the radio, I was listening to it’s internal sidetone).


I wonder we have some other setting different that could be causing the results I’m seeing.


73, HNY,



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Hi Mark,


Thanks for your follow up.  I'm sorry that you are still having trouble.  I am going with the assumption you are running AC Log 4.0 or later.  I use the F1 loop when running a frequency contesting (as do many others).  I have TEST N3FJP in the F1 field, with about a 2 second delay.  I've not ever experienced a problem with the loop not working as expected.  I wish I could be more help, but it is mighty tough to offer advice on a problem I can't duplicate.


Regarding the Winkeyer setup form.  Steve, K1EL (the Winkeyer manufacturer) actually wrote that section of code.  I've not received any other problem reports there either.


Again, all the Winkeyer code has been in constant use, without change, for several years, so something unique sure seems to be at play there.


Please let us know if any other clues come to light.


73, Scott



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Thanks for all the replies and suggestions.


I think I have eliminated RF feedback and common mode as the culprits. I enabled the sidetone on my WinKeyer and monitored sending with the radio turned off. I experienced the same problem.  I have identified a pattern, though. Maybe it can help Scott track down something.


Using WinKeyer, when you  hit F1, ACLOG sends the F1 message then waits the loop sec time and sends the message again. However, from the second repeat (third message) on, it seems that the start of the loop sec timer is from the beginning of the message, not from the end. For a general rag chew CQ, I have my loop sec set at 20 seconds:


F1 – send message wait 20 seconds (T2) send message, wait 20 seconds from T2 (T3) send message, wait 20 seconds from T3 (T4) second message …


Things get interesting if the message is long enough or slow enough that the message doesn’t complete within the loop seconds time. Then I get the pattern:


F1 – send message wait 20 seconds, (T2) send message, send message wait 20 seconds, send message, send message wait 20 seconds.


Hopefully this will help someone duplicate my findings and figure out what’s going on.  I have tried and get the same results no matter how the Timing Options is set, Sleep, Timer or Loop (maybe timing options doesn’t apply to WinKeyer sending).


I think there is a problem with the display of the Winkeyer options on the Configure WInkeyer screen.  I go to the Configure WinKeyer screen and check Key on Port 1 (because my radio is connected to Port 1). If I exit and restart the program and go to the Configure WinKeyer screen, it Key on Port 2 is checked. If I hit the Test button, the checkmark moves from Key on Port 2 to Key on Port 1 and it keys the radio correctly.


I’ve also experienced some inconsistencies when I check or un check enable PTT. I think it depends on how you exit the Configure WinKeyer screen.  Try this:

On the Configure Winkeyer screen check enable PTT, click done and click done on the CW setup form. Go back to the  Configure WInkeyer screen, uncheck enable PTT, click done. On the CW setup form, click TEST. The PTT will come on. Go to the Configure Winkeyer screen and enable PTT is checked.


I hope this helps,


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