Winkeyer Setup - Operation Timeout...

Dave Hamm, K4EET

[NOTE: There was one other post about this issue that did not have any responses from about 2 years ago.(#29289 dated 09/05/16) using a FLEX-6300.]

Ever since I wrote the following post:
N3FJP S/W Works GREAT With New FLEX-6xxx Series Transceiver S/W v1.6
things have been running pretty smooth.
But over the past three years, Scott N3FJP has really expanded the functionality of the built-in WinKeyer to ACLog and the Contest Programs especially, where now the "flow" of data entry and keyer operation is more synchronized. I figured it was time to jump on the bandwagon and join the rest of the N3FJP crowd.
But I am having a problem...
In the "Winkey Setup 1.1" routine, when I press "Open" in the "Settings" section, almost immediately an error dialog opens that says "The operation has timed out."
I am using the "Winkeyer" radio button in the "Keying Options" of the "CW Setup Form 1.2" and using the "Flex API" rig interface (which is working correctly) with a FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6500 transceiver.
The specific program that I am currently trying to get set up is the ARRL 10 Meter Contest Log. (I am not participating in this contest other than to search and pounce to give some Marylander's an extra Q)
What causes the operation to time out? Let me know if I have not given enough information.
TIA es 73, Dave Hamm K4EET

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