Winkey & Comports

Pat Whelton

Anyone running CQ WW DX Contest Log v.5.7?  As usual I can’t get Winkeyer to recognize Comport 3 or 4.  I get the message that “access to comport 3 is denied”.  This seems to strategically happen every time we have a contest.  I’ve lost the first hour of the contest because of this issue.
Here is what I have tried to solve the problem:
1.  Cussed a bunch (remember contest).
2.  Closed main logger that uses com 3 ACLog a couple of hours ago.
3.  Unplugged Winkeyer. 
4.  Loaded Contest Logger and jacked with it till the cows came home.
5.  Used WK2MGR to load winkey-settings.eep.
6.  Rebooted PC
7.  Said 23 Hail Mary’s.
8   Said 14 Our Father’s.
9.  Cussed a boat load.
Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
Pat - KZ5J

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