Pat Whelton

If you entered the CQWW SSB contest this weekend and used the CQ WW DX Contesst Log V.5.7 please be aware of the following situation.  There a panel in the setup that says “Please enter the RS default you would like to use for phone”.  After editing my contest log for over two (2) hours manually I now know to NEVER, EVER, NEVER place “5X9” in this field.  Don’t do it even though the panel asks you what you want.  I submitted my log and the CQ Contest Robot spit it back because it didn’t like 5X9.  I had to edit the reports and resubmit.  The resubmit was also rejected because I only corrected the SENT report and forget to correct the RECEIVED report.  There were over 200 QSOs I had to do twice.
I vaguely remember this happening to me last year.  I’m an old man in my 70’s and I tend to forget things that happened a year ago.  I guarantee I hope to hell it doesn't happen again next year.   Two hours of manually editing was not a whole lot of fun.  Now I know all you real smart guys will tell me I should imported the file into Excel and done a mass edit but I wanted to make sure I didn’t screw up the file.
In case you are wondering I don’t work a lot of phone but when I do and I have to give a report I typically tell the other guy your 5 by 9.  So what do you put in your log?  5X9 I would think.   But nooooooo!!!!!   Two hours.
Also not sure what happened but my very first contact in the contest was VP6D.  For some reason this entry didn’t make it to the CQ Robot although it’s definitely in my log, it’s in the cabrillo file that was transmitted and it was during the contest perioed.  I’ll have to work this issue tomorrow.  It’s been a looooongggg day.  Two hours ...... grrrrr!!!!!
Pat - KZ5J

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