Re: LoTW Site Analysis [was LoTW updates failing]

David Rounds

How do I verify the internal version of Internet Explorer that is installed by Windows 10? 

I have not specifically installed Internet Explorer on any computer since Windows XP.
I know that Win10 does install Edge but I do not use it.
I have the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox installed

Any further information would also be helpful.


On 10/15/2018 11:25 AM, Timothy Robnett wrote:
Thanks Scott,  I guess that will keep everyone from clicking on the link ;-)

In studying the output a little bit more since my note - it appears that for users of Windows you need Internet Explorer 11 or greater or the newer Microsoft Edge browser. If you are running Windows XP with IE 6, Vista with IE 7 or Windows 7 with IE 8-10 it will not work.

For those having issues, please check what version of IE is installed by clicking Help -> About. If the version is 10 or less, your computer is out of date and will not work with LoTW and many other sites that are trying to improve their security posture.


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