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Same result.

Says I got to be a member.

I have been happy with the yahoo groups, for years, and don’t wish to change.

I don’t use the files section, so have to use to go to yahoo in the first place.  Email help is fine.

73, Dale H. Cole K8TS


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I am signed into Yahoo, but it says I “need to be a member” to vote.


I am against it has resulted in many problems here.



Joe kk0sd



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Hi All,


I continue to receive requests to move our User's group to  There are very strong feelings on both sides of this issue.  Please do not continue to debate that here.  Considerations on both sides have already been extensively expressed, so we will let the poll decide.


All I ask is that if you have no preference, that you will take the time to vote that option.  If 75% of the folks here don't care, 15% want to move and 10% don't, it doesn't make sense to move, but if those who have no preference don't vote, we aren't ever going to know.


Over 50% of respondents must vote to move the group for that action to occur.  The poll is here:


Thanks in advance for your input.


73, Scott



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