ACLog 2.5 Beta Bug Report Status

Scott Davis

Hi All,
Thanks so much for your reports on ACLog Beta version 2.5 so far.  I really appreciate it.  Here are the reports that I have received so far and their status:
Bug #1:  Ed, KG4QMI (and others) reported: "When you click on a record and bring up the edit, et al options, the LoTW and eqsl upload buttons overlap and almost completely cover the cancel button."

Bug #1 Status:  This bug occurred when users brought over settings from the previous version.  I corrected (I think) the problem and uploaded ACLog 2.5 again approximately 6:00 PM Eastern.  If you downloaded the file before that time and are experiencing the command button problem please e-mail me directly as snkdavis@... and I'll send you a replacement file that should solve the problem.
Bug #2: Ed, KG4QMI also reported: "As far as LoTW, seems ok. downloaded 30 contacts and put L's in the S confirmed and R confirmed fields of all but three entires. not sure why it
didn't do those three. The actual d/l went smoothly.""

Bug #2 Status: I'm not sure if this is a bug or not.  So far, all confirmations are being marked correctly here and I can't duplicate the problem.  Here are the conditions that must be met for a contact to be updated in your log:
- The Calls must match (obviously)
- The Band Fields must match
- The Date and Time On Fields must be valid dates in your log
- The Date and Time On Fields downloaded from LoTW must not vary more than 15 minutes from what is reflected in your log
Additional reports on this will be much appreciated.  If you find that there is a record not being updated, please check the record for the above information and let me know.
Bug #3: Tucker, W8EMX reports " When Running the Worked-all calculations, the only fields that are populated with actual data are the Grid and Grid(6) fields. All others
show a count to the right of the label, but have no actual data."
Bug #3 Status:  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Tucker, does 2.4 show the data properly?  The only changes I made to the awards screen was the 6 digit grid box.  No other code was changed.  Tucker, would you please e-mail your log directly to snkdavis@....
Bug #3A: Mike, W5UC Reports: "I move my 2.4 file over into 2.5, and it does not indicate any Zones.  What did I do wrong?"
Bug #3A Status:  I'm not sure if this is related to the above or not.   Mike, are the zones not appearing in your log at all or is the problem on the awards screen?  I haven't received any other reports of data loss when upgrading.
Bug #4: Dave, N6PZ Reports: "Looking at the CQ zones, zone 8 sorts as a different zone than zone 08, etc.  There are only 40 CQ zones. I show having confirmed 46 of them."

Bug #4 Status:  This is not new to version 2.5.  What I need to do is add error checking to zones that are entered (from either ACLog or the contesting programs) to ensure that a two digit character is added.  That is on the enhancement list.
So, that is where we are so far.  Please continue testing the program and let me know what else comes to light.  Again, thanks so much for checking out the software.  I really appreciate it.

Scott, N3FJP

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