ACLog 2.5 issues



Here are a couple of things I noticed:

1. The standard QSL R does not seem to stick through LOTW "All Data"
downloads that haven't been confirmed. For example, I have a QSL card
and check QSL R as well as put a 'C' in the R Conf By column. When I
do an "All Data" download, the 'C' stays there but the QSL R is removed.

2. The Station Location field should be explained or split into Call
& Location. I was having trouble for a while until I realized I
needed "KB9DNA - Peoria" and not "Peoria".

3. The "All Contacts Not Uploaded" option will generate an error if
there are no contacts to upload. It still goes through the whole TQSL
process though.

Looks pretty good so far!


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