Re: JTAlert - X, FT8 and ACLog question

Larry Krist

Try going to the manage settings in JT Alert, then select Misccellaneous -- performance and then change the setting of check QSO Log Record to a higher number and see if that does not solve your problem.

Larry  N8CWU

On 6/30/2018 11:51 PM, Michael Payne - K5MFP michael.f.payne@... [N3FJP_Software_Users] wrote:

Hi guys! When using FT8 software and JTAlert software to log to ACLog, I
keep getting  the error message: Failure: QSO Not Logged!

Error message: ACLOG File: Unable to confirm QSO logged. Note: The QSO
is still saved to the WSJT-X log file. Does anyone know how to resolve
this problem? I sure could use some help. Thanks!

Michael   K5MFP


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