Re: ACLog 2.5 Beta Available & Testers Needed!

Tucker W8EMX

When Running the Worked-all calculations, the only fields that are
populated with actual data are the Grid and Grid(6) fields. All others
show a count to the right of the label, but have no actual data.
Here is the actual Data That I have:

ITU Zn 63,
Lighthouse 46,
Prefix 46,
TenTen 46,
Continent 46,
CQ Zone 58,
IOTA 55,
Other 2 46,
Grid 77,
Grid(6) 54,
IARU Zn 46,
Other 3 46,
Other 4 46

And this is with data that does NOT have any Lighthouse, Tenten, IOTA,
or any of the OTHER fields filled in.

73's and great work!

Tucker Sizemore
Huntersville, NC

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