Re: AC log merge after contest


You should be able to merge (import ADIF file from the 2nd computer) the two logs together within the VHF program and then you can sort it so the contacts fall into the correct date/time order.  Then you can export that entire ADIF file and merge that with your master log (AC Log) and sort it again if you need to.

Mark McLauchlin KN7T

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Sent: Friday, June 8, 2018 8:49:55 AM
Subject: [N3FJP_Software_Users] AC log merge after contest


I will be using two different computers with two different radios for the VHF contest this weekend.  Each will run it's own copy of AClog contest software.  At this point i don't want to network the computers since I have procrastinated too long!  

After the contest can I just import one of the contest logs into the other and then submit that full log?

Will the contacts interleave according to when they were worked or will there be two "chunks" in the log??

Thanks in advance for any help offered.


Joe, W8JH

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