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Terence Taylor

I can confirm this behavior. I just upgraded from 2.5 to 2.8 and
right clicking on the DXSpot does NOT cause the radio to change to
frequency/mode. I suspect that the Transfer file is not being
written properly. I have not used 2.6 or 2.7, so I do not know when
the change occurred, but the bug is definitely in 2.8.

I see 2 errors.
1) In 2.5, you open DX spotting configuration, opened the port and
clicked on Done and it worked, it 2,8, if you click on Done, it
tells you that going to the spot is only valid if the port is open.

2) ACLog is NOT writing the file to the \pegasus

Terry Taylor, N6MON

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Thanks for the reply Dee, it does not use a comm port
it uses a file called C:&#92;Pegasu&#92;Pegasus.out that is
where it gets the info from for the Pegasus to show
the frequency and that works fine, I just cant get it
to talk to the rig when I click on a DX call to change
the frequency on the rig. The Pegasus is a Computer
controled rig ONLY no knobs at all so the computer has
to control everything, it is on comm 4 and works fine.
I know there is somethink that I am doing wron and
hoped there was someone out there running a Pegasus
with ACLOG.

73 Wayne AA5JJ

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Hello I need help with my Pegasus and ACLOG. I am
runign N$PY and
TenTec software and both do the same thing so I do
not think it is
the rig software that is causing the problem
infact the problem is
probley the Operator....ME....hihi.

OK I boot up everything and it looks like it is
all going to work,
in ACLOG I connect to the internet and start
getting DX spots which
is great then I see a station that I want to make
a contact with so
I clicl on the call and then I get this error
message fron
"Operation valid only when the port is open",
after clicking OK it
does put all the info on ACLOG about the station
but it does not
change my radio frequency to where the DX station
is....Now all that
said it does not matter which program I am running
to control the
Pegasus. When I go to the Rig interface and check
to is if it is
reading the radio frequency it is the only problem
is that it is not
changing the frequency on the radio, working one
way but not the
other. Hope I have explained this well enough for
someone to help me.

73 and God bless
Wayne AA5JJ
Make sure you have the correct com port selected on
the rig interface rig as
well as having all the parameters set to match your
com port settings.

In addition, for whatever com port you choose, you
cannot have another
program running that uses the same com port.

Dee D. Flint, N8UZE

Wayne AA5JJ
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