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In the set-up box for CW transmit (where you define the function keys), there is a dialog box on the RH side of that window that contains a list of special operator characters that you can use for elements of exchanges - read through that information and it'll become clear what you need to do.

Mark McLauchlin KN7T

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I've just begun evaluating and learning the Field Day Contest Log operation and have a question regarding CW operation and logging.  Thus far, I have a network of a couple of PCs in operation and that's going smoothly.

I'm using a Winkeyer and have function keys set up for sending the exchange, etc.  Here's what I'm missing: I can find no way to have the program send the other station's call during an exchange.  It appears that I have only two choices to send his call: 1- send it with the paddle manually, or, 2- hit PF12, key in the call, hit PF12 again, then hit another function key for the exchange.  In addition, I have to key in the call manually for logging purposes.  Ideally, when in run mode where the QSOs are coming fast and heavy, I would just have to enter the call via the keyboard for logging purposes, then hit a single function key which could be programmed to send the guy's call and the exchange.  Is there a way to do that?

73, Floyd - K8AC

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