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Christopher Scibelli

Why the need to add "pending" in the comment section?  When you receive a LoTW match LoTW has a column which lists "New LoTW QSLs". I currently have about 50 of those.  When I get to 100 I'll submit a new DXCC application, pay the fees, and usually within a day those pending LoTW credits become "awarded" credits.

Also, AC Log will give you a list of worked DXCC entities which need to be confirmed and that's also helpful.


Chris  NU1O

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I use the comments field to help. I type “First 3C” to start. Then send QSL via LOTW or EQSL. When received, I change the “first” comment to “DXCC 310 Submission Pending.” Then sort on the word “pending.” Gives me a list of those calls to send to DXCC Desk for credit. When credit received, dele “submission pending” and I have my tally in place.

Jeff Freedman K7JF
Gig Harbor, Washington

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