Re: Problem sending CW from N3FJP Loggers

Christopher Scibelli

I could never get decent sounding CW UNTIL I bought Winkeyer.  I recommend you do the same.


Chris  NU1O

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Subject: [N3FJP_Software_Users] Problem sending CW from N3FJP Loggers


I don't have WINKEY and hope someone can help me get better results sending CW without it.  Most of the time my only problem is that I cannot get the logger to send code as fast I need.  Usually, the speed will not increase beyond what sounds to me like about 18 WPM.  Other times the speed jumps around erratically.  That makes it sound "choppy."  These things happen even when no other programs are running

The computer is a Dell Optiflex 3010 running WINDOWS 10.  It has plenty of free memory.

I am using the serial port adapter shown in the N3FJP instructions.

De KY4P - Charles

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