Kosovo Credit

Pat Whelton

I posted this in the QRP-L group in error.  Hope this is correct news group.
How should Kosovo be titled in ACLog?  The reason I ask is because I worked Z61DX in August 2017 and it is listed in ACLog under the country column as “Republic of Kosovo”.  I then worked the new country Z60A in January 2018 and it is listed as “Kosovo” under the country column. 
Another weird thing is if you pull down the pull down in ACLog and search for Kosovo it is not listed.  If you search for Republic of Kosovo it is listed.  This seems kind of backwards to me.  Of course what do I know?
The only reason I bring it up is I want to make sure I get credit for country #311 in LoTW and there are no snafus because of a naming issue.
Pat - KZ5J

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